Dieting Know More®, a four-level program

Our Approach

Dieting Know More®, a four-level program, empowers you to maintain your natural weight. Natural weight is where you are comfortable without inner conflict about your body image. This approach views all diet plans as the mere beginning to reaching natural weight. What is unique about this program is that it focuses on identifying the various parts of you who do the eating; how to develop control over these parts and how to master the necessary skills needed to deal with the “new you” as natural weight is reached and maintained. The approach does not place restrictions on food selection or introduce any rules about eating.

Dieting Know More® honors the Inner Eaters System.
This is a group of sub-personalities or inner selves in our psyche that use food as a tool for psychological comfort, protection or stress release instead of for its nutritional and pleasurable value. These inner selves misuse food either by overeating, not eating or under eating. This group of sub-personalities is called the Inner Comfort Eater Selves.

The goal of the program is to identify, understand and befriend the Inner Comfort Eater Selves and eventually integrate them with the natural needs of the body. The result is the development of a new psychological configuration that fosters more balanced and conscious eating patterns while still honoring these selves.

This program has been created by Yolanda Koumidou through her personal story, 25-year professional experience as a psychotherapist, work in the addictions field and involvement with the brilliant theory of the Psychology of Selves and the Voice Dialogue method created by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone.

The Stones’ theory states that there are many different selves residing in our psyche who intend to protect our vulnerability. Each one of these has its own characteristic voice, energetic vibration, belief system, language and perceptions about life. Each self carries strengths and limitations. The Voice Dialogue Method is a transformational tool by which we dialogue with these selves for clarification and understanding of their function in our lives. The goal of this method is to develop a process called Aware Ego Process which will enable us to separate from and embrace the different selves. Utilizing this method we are able to make conscious decisions using their gifts and limitations and learning how and when to use or not use these selves. It empowers us to exercise more conscious choice and develop balance and control in our lives.